Dental care is far too often thought of as merely routine, mundane, boring or a chore. It doesn’t have to be that way. Once you hear about the latest advances in technology and newest gadgets, we think you’ll agree: Dental care can be cool and fun! Here are 5 fun new dental products to get you excited about oral hygiene.

1. Electronic Toothbrushes

Electronic toothbrushes are no longer just motorized brushes, but often have a lot of other advancements attached to them as well. Not only do many of them have built in timers, but some have ultrasonic vibration technology to help dislodge more bacteria and plaque, UV or blue light technology to help whiten teeth and kill bacteria, and the ability to connect the unit to your phone for use with tracking apps. Electronic toothbrushes may not only help clean your teeth better now, but might radically change your habits and motivation around oral hygiene.

2. UV or Blue Light Technology

There are a lot of fun new dental products that utilize UV or blue light technology. These include a wide variety of electronic toothbrushes, toothbrush sanitizers and teeth whitening systems. Studies show that UV or blue light technology is an easy and effective, non-messy option to help whiten teeth and reduce bacteria in the mouth and on tooth cleaning tools.

3. Dental Apps

When looking for fun new dental products, new dental apps to help with oral hygiene habits are probably some of the most fun. They can feature tools that sync with electronic toothbrushes to help with building consistent habits and brushing better and more thoroughly. Just like with exercise and healthy eating apps, these intelligent tracking features can be incredibly motivating and encouraging, while also easy to use because they can now track automatically thanks to modern technology. Some apps that are designed especially for kids also feature games to make habit building and tracking even more fun.

4. Waterpik

Waterpik is a dental cleaning tool that produces a stream of pressurized water. It can be used to clean between the teeth, like floss, and is also helpful for cleaning along the gum line. It is similar to the pressurized water tools that dental hygienists often use in their offices during professional dental cleanings. Waterpiks can be a great investment for those who want to clean around braces or other dental appliances or simply take extra good care of their gums.

5. Floss Gadgets

A lot of people dread flossing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many new gadgets available now to help make flossing easier, more comfortable and even fun. These include fun and creative floss dispensers, innovative floss threaders for those with braces or other dental appliances and flossing tools with handles to make flossing more convenient. While not a gadget, there are also unique fun flavors of floss available such as cupcake flavor!

Talk to Your Dentist

As with anything involving your dental care, it’s important to talk with your dentist at your next appointment about using any fun new dental products to ensure it will be a safe and helpful product for your needs as well as to make sure it is used properly to get the most of its features. Your dentist may also have even more recommendations of fun new dental products for you to try if you’re looking to make your dental care routine more efficient and enjoyable.

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