Solmaz Eftekhari, DDS

General Dentist

Dr. Solmaz Eftekhari graduated from Stony Brook University in New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. She went on to attend New York University’s College of Dentistry where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Dr. Eftekhari always knew she wanted to help others and work in the medical field, but didn’t realize her passion for dentistry until, as an undergraduate student, she began shadowing a local dentist and working in the research department of Stony Brook Dental. Her passion for dentistry grew throughout the years, and she has found restoring patients’ smiles to be an extremely rewarding and gratifying experience.

Dr. Eftekhari is married to a native Houstonian, Arian, and together they share their dog, Pepi. When she is not in the office, Dr. Eftekhari enjoys trying new food and restaurants, experimenting in the kitchen, traveling, and working out. She is looking forward to exploring Houston, visiting museums, and immersing herself in the local food scene!