Have you ever gone to an appointment {be it the dentist, or the doctor, or maybe even your hair stylist!} and really wanted to ask some slightly personal questions…but backed down for fear of judgement or guilt or both?  I know I sure have.  At almost each and every appointment I go to, I give the sugar-coated version of life — reporting to my dentist that I brush and floss every single day or that I have been exercising as much as my general practitioner recommends or that yes, of course I have been using that leave-in conditioner that my hair stylist insisted I use on a weekly basis.

But truth is, life is crazy.  I know that I’m far from perfect, and sometimes I just want to get real, admit my flaws, and ask those hard questions.  And I want people who can be upfront and honest with their answers in return.  I don’t always want the textbook, politically-correct answers.  Nope.  I want the real deal for life as a real mom.  So to start, I decided to interrogate question politely our dear friend and sponsors over at BLVD Dentistry with some of the top questions from myself and our contributor team.  Ready to hear what they have for us mamas?  Here goes…

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