Did you know that some candy can be bad for your braces? Knowing which candy is safe to eat with braces can help you avoid mishaps. Here are the best candy options for braces so you can enjoy the holiday safely.

How Can Candy be Bad for Your Braces?

You might have heard that candy can be bad for your teeth because of the high sugar content that can contribute to cavities, but candy can also be bad for your braces for different reasons. Some types of candy are best avoided while you have braces because they pose a high risk of pulling a wire or bracket loose.

If you want to avoid delays in your treatment or the need to visit the orthodontist for a repair, it’s important to know which candies to avoid and which are the best candy options for braces so you can enjoy candy without the risk!

Candy You Should Avoid

The top candies to avoid when you have braces are any candies that are chewy, sticky, hard, or that contain nuts or other crunchy ingredients. Hard candies might be safe if you are extra careful not to bite into them or chew them but simply suck on them until the very end. Always check with your orthodontist first if in doubt about whether a candy is safe or not for your braces.

Safer Candy Options for Braces

Chocolate is one of the best candy options for braces because of how it melts in your mouth and rinses away easily. Just make sure to break apart any thick or hard pieces of chocolate before enjoying it so that you don’t bite directly into it to help protect your braces from damage.

Sugar-free options are also a great choice to help protect your teeth as well as your braces! Traditional candies often contain high amounts of sugar, which can leave behind a residue that leads to decay and cavities.

If in Doubt, Ask Away!

If you want to learn more about the best candy options for braces, ask your orthodontist! Your orthodontist will be happy to help you learn how to take good care of your braces without missing out on the things you enjoy. Having braces can feel like a big adjustment sometimes, but you’re not alone and your orthodontist is there to support you!

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