So far I have loved all of the posts in our Houston Smiles series sponsored by BLVD Dentistry!  I love talking about those sweet baby teeth that start making their appearance in the first year…I love dreaming up ways to make being the tooth fairy fun…and I even love saving money by utilizing my dental benefits each year.  But one topic I have dreaded talking about is…my own teeth.  Ugh.  They are completely crooked and just make me so self conscious every time I smile.  And while I’d love to get them fixed, I refuse to wear braces and Invsalign just seems like it wouldn’t be a good fit for me.

That is until I had some of my myths about Invisalign busted this week.

And since I’m guessing some of you probably have these same misconceptions and concerns when it comes to straightening those teeth and getting that beautiful smile that you have always wanted, I wanted to let you in on some of the things I learned too…

(Written by Kelly D on Houston Mom’s Blog)

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